”There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo

A label- a dream… between Istanbul and Zurich. By starting her own label ZEMZEM ATELIER, Zemra Acarli, born and raised in Germany as the child of Turkish immigrants, fulfilled her childhood dream. The label, found in 2010, combines the traditional techniques of Turkish needlework with the modern vision of luxurious accessories in an extraordinary way. The precious symbiosis of tradition and modernity, of handcrafted quality and exquisite design similarly addresses both women and men.



Zemra Acarli, designer and creative director of ZEMZEM ATELIER, seized her personal restart to combine her creations with a meaningful element. The accessories collections consist of finest handcrafted scarves and shawls. Every single piece is handmade by turkish housewives in Istanbul by using the ancient techniques of Turkish needlework. The decision to use the forgotten techniques of centuries, also increasingly changes the lives of the women working for her. With working for ZEMZEM ATELIER the women are valued for their technical and creative skills which otherwise would be more and more forgotten.

ZEMZEM ATELIER lives and loves the fusion of avant-garde and sustainable fashion through a deep connection to one’s own environment and the passion for tradition. In every collection an open and curious way of perceiving things is reflected. It is also the expression of the creative richness which Zemra Acarli is carrying in herself as a modern nomad who’s wandering between the cultures.


Building Bridges- Orient meets Occident

The vision of ZEMZEM ATELIER is the concept of ” Building Bridges”. Building bridges between the past and the present, between tradition and modernity. ”In a time where mass production is taking over and where handcrafts are more likely to disappear, ZEMZEM ATELIER wants to bring back the tradition of handcrafts. The aim is to renew the appreciation for handworked products in order to give the user an understanding of their beauty.”, Zemra Acarli explains her intentions. ZEMZEM ATELIER allows the women to earn their own money when otherwise they couldn’t be working with their skills at all. They can work at home so that they can integrate the work into their daily life with family and housework.


ZEMZEM ATELIER- to open the soul and touch the heart

Zemra Acarli is a firm believer in her concept of building bridges. To preserve the proven and create something new with it. She does it with a whole lot of passion. Her bridges span from Zurich, where she lives to Istanbul where she also lives and works. She is a happy soul, a restless nomad who is living her dream and with her vision guarantees almost 60 ZEMZEM Ladies a steady income. If living a dream can accomplish so much good maybe we all should be more dreaming.