ZEMZEM ATELIER-Luxury Scarves- Suriyen Chain Slim Pants Grey

Suriyen Chain Grey Slim Pants

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You will definitely love these pants! With the right style combination you can wear them to almost any occasion, at home with your favorite cozy jumper to a sexy night out in heels. The slim fit pants are made of soft wool-jersey-blend fabric. The sideseam of the pants are crocheted with silk yarn adding it a special finishing and giving it a glamorous look &feel. The finishing ends 10cm above the pants’ hem. The hem is divided in two loose ends so you can either simply knot them or wrap them around your ankle. The pants can be worn throughout the year- in winter with tights underneath and in summer on bare skin. Effortless yet sexy! Wear them with sneakers, flip-flops, ankle boots or your sexiest heels. Match them with slouchy jumpers or tops or more sophisticated blouses- the trick is the combination.

Custom Made Deluxe: Production Time 5 Days as produced on demand

– Fine Wool-Jersey blend
– sides crocheted with silk yarn
– skin-friendly chain embedded as embellishment on side pockets
– Dry clean only
– Size: SMALL fits 36-38


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The line SURIYEN CHAIN was produced by syrian and palestinian women who had to flee their countries and settled in Istanbul for a new beginning. All the pieces of this line were handmade and crocheted by the women. ZEMZEM ATELIER is very happy to be working with these women and producing the new collection. The collection is named HOPE and we dedicated the collection to these women.

All articles by ZEMZEM ATELIER are all handmade in small quantities. Slight variations and irregularities in fabric, leather or color might occur and are not defects on the article itself. ZZA products are all unique and one-of-a kind pieces.