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Salmon Boost

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It all started with the ILKAY. The traditional headscarf turned fashion accessory! Our bestseller can cause addiction as in when you have one color you want more. The colorful splash of fabric brightens your day and feels like a fresh breeze of summer. Serious business outfits are loosened up in a minute and casual daywear gets a colorful finish. The fabric is very soft and comfy. Each Ilkay is handcrocheted on the edges and the corners are highlighted with a litlle fan of beads. The trademark of the Ilkay is the crocheted hole on one end with which you can drape and style the scarf in endless variations. You can also wear it as a bandana on your head or as a pareo on the beach- also the styling variations are limitless. Each Ilkay color is made in small editions but new ones are always added so your collection can grow continously according to your favorite color of the moment.

BTW: The Ilkay collection is named after the ZEMZEM lady who crocheted the first Ilkay scarf and as her name got lucky for us we dedicated it to her.

– 95 cm x 95 cm Carre Shaped Scarf
– Mercerized Cotton
– hand-crocheted w / Thin Silk Yarn
– one counterpart corners are crocheted with pearls the other corners have fan-shaped string with skinny stick pearls / also on one corner there is a whole to be able to drape the scarf better around your neck.
– Handwash only



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