CHF 359.00

Elegant: Yes! Cool: Yes! The perfect pants! An unisex piece! The perfect mix of fabric and cut for your body. You just look slim in it and we promise you, it is really rare to find a piece that is so great yet still so comfortable. You will definitely love these pants! With the right style combination or just an easy going shirt you can wear them to almost any occasion. The side seam of the pants are crocheted with silk yarn adding a special finishing and giving it that „special something“ – definitely a ZZA style. No matter how often you wear it you will never get tired of this pattern. Every piece is different and each one is produced on demand. During the day for business or to a dinner party – always appropriate to the max! The silk fabric shimmers nicely.
Production time up to 7 days as produced on demand.
– One size 36-40
36: loose fit 38: normal fit (as on picture) 40: fitted
– Silk
– Finishing: hand-crocheted w/ Silk yarn
– Delivery up to 7 days
– Dry Clean