The aim of the designs is to represent handcrafted quality, establishing a sense and appreciation for tradition as well as promotes individualism. In order to ensure that, Zemra Acarli devotes a lot of her personal time searching in and around Istanbul for the right people, ateliers and suppliers. She wants open-minded people to work with her who understand and support her philosophy and the values she stands for. Her focus of interest are not the big firms but small family businesses and housewives.

The bridge concept continues through the regular personal exchange between the designer, the manufacturer and the handcrafter. Furthermore, this three-way exchange of experiences and know-how leads to the development of valuable expertise in textile manufacturing and leather treatment. In the meantime, the project has created work for as many as 62 women, called the ZEMZEM LADIES, until now. They are proud to take part in a concept that is one of its kind. The money earnt goes towards the education of their children or towards new equipment for their mostly small ateliers. A maximum of 50 pieces are produced per accessory, sometimes even less, so each piece is practically unique. For the unique individual you are.