Born in Germany, daughter of Turkish immigrants, Zemra Acarli discovers her flair for creativity at an early age. While on her Business Administration Studies at the University of Constance, she decides to break away to New York for 2 years to experience the exciting and demanding fashion world there. Inspired and stimulated by all the impressions acquired, she later launches an Marketing Agency in Austria.

However, early in 2010, Zemra Acarli realizes that the time has come to concentrate her creative talents on her own designer label and in May, she takes the venture to a completely new beginning. Berlin, Zürich and Istanbul became the bases and homes for her growing collection. The accessories conceived and born there are all witnesses of her past as well as reflections of her present, also a clear expression of the designer’s hope and vision for the future.

The ZEMZEM ATELIER Accessories Collection uses creativity, flair and local handcraft skills to build a bridge between Orient and Occident. In a world w

here the media focuses mainly on the negative aspects of the oriental world, this can only be promising and beneficial for the future.